Effective Molecular Diagnostics

In Multiplex, we have the mission of developing effective molecular diagnostics technologies for plant phytosanitation.We are experts in multiplex PCR, high-through sequencing and bioinformatic analysis for viral and viroid diagnosis, and we want to bring these technologies to real-world applications.Viral and viroid diagnosis from high-throughput sequencing data is a challenging task. We have studied the issues involved in implementing these technologies and developed Viroscope, an algorithm for functional plant viral and viroid detection from HTS data with high diagnostic certainty.

Functional diagnosis

Our technology provides functional detection of viruses, describing potential infectivity of present pathogens.

Objective criteria

By correlating viral genome coverage with aspects of viral biology, we have obtained objective detection criteria to differentiate viral presence from experimental noise.

Certain diagnosis

Performance metrics shows that our method enables high sensitivity and specificity of detection with negligible false discovery rate.



We use state-of-the-art robotic platforms with in-house developed protocols for scalable deployment and cost-effective library preparation.

High-throughput sequencing

We use high-throughput sequencing platforms to reach unprecedented sensitivity of detection.



Our proprietary bioinformatic algorithms enable precise detection of pathogens and discern their capacity for infection.

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We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers with one task in mind: to provide effective molecular diagnostic solutions.We have over 15 years of practical knowledge on how to use sequencing technologies to understand biological phenomena, and have focused in the problem of plant viral and viroid diagnosis.In this pursuit, we have dissected the fundamentals of bioinformatic analysis on how to identify biological features in complex datasets and extract valuable information to inform critical decision-making in real-world applications.

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